PCSD Superintendent Chris Byrne

“Erin’s Angels have played a critical role in providing food to over seventy children every week in the Phoenix Central School District. I have been thoroughly impressed with their efforts and commitment to our students over the past year and a half.  This group of volunteers has gone above and beyond in so many ways for our students.  Their work includes attending planning meetings, fundraising, collecting donations and packing weekly food bags.  Their efforts are very well recognized and appreciated by myself, the Phoenix CSD Board of Education and the entire Phoenix Community.”      


3rd Grade Teacher

"A student of mine came to me the other day with half of her lunch saved.  I asked her if she needed more time to eat.  She replied that there was no food at home so she was eating half of her lunch now and the other half for dinner.  I provided her with some  snacks and she said she knew she was going to get food bags tomorrow in school and thanked me.  This conversation made me realize how much these bags are making a difference.  Thank you! "

Patrick DeWine Oswego United Way Executive Director

Patrick DeWine- Executive Director of the Oswego United Way

  Erin’s Angels is great program for the Phoenix community, ensuring our most vulnerable children never go hungry. Spearheaded by dynamic leader Sheila Dion, this program continues to grow and never misses a beat when it comes to filling the gaps surrounding food insecurity. Through extensive relationship building and collaboration, Erin’s Angels has created a vital safety net that feeds both the nutritional and emotional needs of the Phoenix School District youth. 


Judy Craigmile

As a resident of Phoenix, NY, I have become more aware of the food scarcity situation for some families residing in our School District through Erin's Angels.  Through their efforts I have learned how food scarcity impacts  child health and scholastic achievement.  This awareness has led me to provide financial support to Erin's Angels so I can contribute to ending child hunger in our School District.  No child should go hungry at home, and Erin's Angels assures  child-friendly, healthy foods are available on weekends for children experiencing food scarcity at home to prepare and eat. 

The Shineman Foundation's generous financial support has allowed Erin's Angels to educate and inform the local community on this vital child health need and spearhead an initiative to bring a long-term sustainable resolution.   I am thankful to Erin's Angels'  creators, Phoenix Central School District teachers, staff and administrators, and community volunteers who offer their time, energy, talents and expertise to assure school-age children have access to nutritious food options to eat on weekends.  I appreciate  the level of professionalism with which Erin's Angels operates and their creativity in engaging the public with fun fundraising events.  Erin's Angels can be assured of my continued financial support.


Michele Hawthorne

"Erin’s Angels is helping a community heal after a tragic loss. It is an opportunity to take the sadness and turn it into a legacy that is positive and about growing something beautiful in our community in honor of Erin"


Amy Godkin- Assistant Principal of Maroun Elementary

"Students face several obstacles at home that prevent them from thriving at school....hunger should not be one of them.  Erin's Angels provides food and supplies  to over 70 students in our district.  Without help, these students may go hungry or without.  Please consider supporting this organization so that ALL students in need can be helped."


3rd grade teacher

In the almost 30 years  that I have been teaching, I have known many children who were anxious and hungry when they came in for breakfast every morning and when they came in on Monday after the weekend. Erin’s Angels have made a real difference  for Phoenix community children in similar circumstances.


Robin Hillpot

Erin's Angels began in the Phoenix Central School District with enormous support and has grown by leaps and bounds in our humble but generous community. We knew that this was a program that was vital to help our many students who are food challenged. No child should go hungry...ever! It has been scientifically proven that children learn better, concentrate better and sleep better when they have sufficient nutrients from proper meals everyday. Erin's Angels has a team of volunteers who meal plan, shop and organize the food that goes home weekly and they also send extra food home on holidays and long weekends. All tirelessly planned out per meal. I also have great respect for the anonymous way the food distribution is carried out so as to not embarrass any child. I especially like how the program has teamed with Target so you can shop for the needed items and they are shipped directly to the school. It makes donations quick and easy for any of our many supporters. I would highly recommend Erin's Angels as it is a highly effective and well organized program and makes a huge difference in many children's and parent's lives as it takes the burden off of them to supply the necessary food imperative for children's growth and well being.


Dean Ripley

My team and I have been involved with Erin’s Angels nearly a year now, and the impact the organization is having on our community is significant and getting more so every week it seems.  The Village of Phoenix benefits from having a  great community spirit and Erin’s Angels feels as if it’s becoming the cause that most publicly represents the sense of community our little village takes so much pride in sharing.  Sheila and her team are truly tireless, and the school personnel that are  involved feel like a part of the team in every way imaginable.  I think many involved feel like Erin’s Angels is only scratching the surface of what they can do to impact food insecurity in our community.  I think it’s rare that a cause can pull together so  many people so quickly, and the benefits for one our truly most vulnerable populations are immeasurable. 


Kathy Lambert & Vicki Hohman

We retired in 2018 from teaching at Maroun Elementary in Phoenix.

After retirement, we were looking for ways to give back and stay connected to the students in our school.  We decided to volunteer for Erin’s Angels because of the positive impact we witnessed while teaching in the classroom.  We are very impressed with how well the program is run.  We are grateful to be involved in a program that provides food support for so many of our Phoenix children.


Kindergarten Teacher

In the almost 30 years  that I have been teaching, I have known many children who were anxious and hungry when they came in for breakfast every morning and when they came in on Monday after the weekend. Erin’s Angels have made a real difference  for Phoenix community children in similar circumstances.

I am happy to say that none of my students seem to need help from Erin’s Angels this year but many have in previous years.  This community support is so very important and no child should ever go hungry! 


Lisa Woodard

We are so fortunate to have Erin’s Angels available for the students in our district.  Students don’t have to worry about being hungry on weekends and breaks. Erin was a kind and loving little girl. She is undoubtedly, looking down on all the volunteers with a grateful heart. Erin’s Angels is an amazing and very much needed non profit more than worthy of donations.


Wendi Starusnak

This program is so vital for the children of our community who face hunger and poverty issues on a daily basis. This program lets them know their problems are not invisible and that they are important and cared about.


Stephen Dates- Lock 1 Distilling Company

Great People! Greater Cause!!!

Our Vision

We envision better health and well being for all children now and in future generations by improving food access and connecting the community to resources in order to raise successful students.