Project Butterfly


Comfort a cancer patient

Project butterfly was started in 2013 after I had Thyroid Cancer. After my surgery I felt comforted having a scarf around my neck. It was summer time and I did not have any at home and had to ask friends if they had any. I decided to start Project Butterfly and donated scarves to Cancer Patients at Upstate Cancer Center. 


First Scarf Donation in 2013

My amazing surgeon Dr. Kara Kort and her NP Lisa Cico- they were so happy to see all the scarves for thyroidectomy patients! We collected 75 scarves the first year. 




Grateful patient Sheila Dion (center left) of Phoenix hosted her second annual Project Butterfly, a thyroid cancer awareness evening for family and friends. Guests were asked to bring a scarf to be donated to thyroid cancer patients. The event was held during Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month in September. Sheila and her sons, Michael (left) and Johnathan(right) presented over 150 scarves to Tammy Root, NP, (center right) at Upstate’s  Comprehensive Thyroid Program.





5 years ago I brought 75 scarves to Upstate Cancer Center. On this day I brought over 750! Shout out to everyone who donated including Destiny USA for donating the bags and to my Lilla Rose business for helping with a bulk of the scarf donations.






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Promote current deals


"I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and cancer in the left lymph nodes.  On Oct. 21 I had a double mastectomy and the removal of a number of lymph nodes in my left arm.  Fortunately, a recent full body PET scan showed the cancer had not appeared to spread.  

This past Friday when I had an appointment at the Patricia J. Numann Breast Center at SUNY Upstate Medical University, the nurse said as I was leaving, “Go pick out a scarf for yourself on the carousel over there.”  So I chose a colorful light blue gauzy scarf, which I thought was quite lovely.  The nurse told me these scarves were donated by the Butterfly project.

I came home and found your name on the card attached to the scarf.  I have been wearing the pretty scarf all weekend which has boosted my spirits, since I am still feeling quite tender and limited from the surgery and facing the beginnings of a very long winter here in the Syracuse area where I live.

Thank you so much for your good taste and thoughtfulness.  The scarf is a boost and does make a difference.

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Promote current deals


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